"Betty Binary" Character Design Illustration

I had a blast with this one. Unfortunately, It's a little flashy in that I sort of threw in every last thing I could think of to do in Photoshop, so it feels a little bit like I used all of the crayons for the sake of using all the crayons.

Anyway, Betty Binary is a project I would simultaneously love to publish and am horribly ashamed by. I assure you, it's everything this illustration would lead you to believe.

"Bonesaw Bart vs Japan" Illustration

Bonesaw Bart is an off-the-wall character I've created some comic scripts for. If Superman was a Psycho Southern Ex-Marine with PTSD, he'd be Bonesaw Bart.

"Cowgirl Lucy and the Dinosaurs of Mars Valley" Illustration

Freeman the Warforged D&D Illustration

Illustration I created for my D&D group about a month they kicked me out for being a liberal.

Leah Leet, Made in England

Been testing out a new sort of painting style. I'm much happier with what I've been getting as of late.

Illustration for Diving Dragon Games


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