The Snowstorm of December 2010

eric snow

We had some fun this Christmas, taking some pics with my digital SLR in the snow. My brother, in particular, had a lot of fun with it.

private property

I remember remarking that that the white of the snow really brought out the color in the world, but I can’t seem to find all that much of it in the pictures we took. I was stunned at how gray the sky seemed to be.

snow backyard

I can never think of anything but the winter levels in Secret of Mana when I see snow in the forest. Smash!

brad snow

Shooting these in Camera RAW has made them fun to play around with. I have a lot to learn about messing around with the various settings, but I think it’ll continue to be fun to experiment.


Metroid Mural in St. Petersburg, FL


Ignoring logic and reason, there is a totally badass mural of Kraid in St. Petersburg on Central Avenue.


There’s a Metroid, and also Samus Aran, although she has tragically been destroyed with a window through her face.


Close up of the Metroid.


I am so blown away by the coolness of this. I will have to return and get some non-terrible non-cellphone camera pics, and possibly see what awesome person took the time to put this together.

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