Drink and Draw Poster Progress


More sketching and digital inking on this poster for the Tampa Bay Drink and Draw Social Club. It’s been a lot of fun to work on so far.


I think I still need to add more details, objects, and fun stuff, but it’s more or less shaped up the way I had wanted. I’ll be turning these into positives and making three color screenprints before too terribly long, as well.


“Y’all” Typography of Southern Life Sketch


Here’s an idea that’s been beating around in my brainbox for a while. I had the idea of combining typography with illustration to create an image recording the more saccharine, romantic ideas I have about the place I grew up.


This is just a sketch, and only an hour or so worth of work, but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got going on so far, a lot of which will probably make it through to the final print version, which will end up as screen printed posters, very inspired by Mondotees.com and their amazingly gorgeous prints. Looking forward to really spending some hours in the shop working this one out.


Voldemort Vector Inks (Harry Potter)


I think Voldemort needs a little more work, maybe some color, but otherwise, I think he’s coming along. We’ll see where the Dark Lord takes us as I work more into this.


Voldemort Sketch (Harry Potter)


So I wanted to draw Voldemort and now I have. Just a sketch, thinking about inking it up in Illustrator. I think ol’ Voldy will look right at home with some Kirby Crackles. I’m looking forward to adding some EC comics style detail to the face and hands, in particular.


Vector Inks on Gordon Freeman Fanart

Quick tease on an illustration, itself only a piece of a large character collage I’m doing. If I can stay motivated, expect to see more of ol’ Gordy soon!


Image Search for Scott Pilgrim Wallpaper


Guess who has two thumbs, speaks limited French, and is on the first page of results for “Scott Pilgrim Wallpaper?” That’s right, c’est moi.


And because I’m a sad, silly nerd, I’m blogging about it in excitement. I probably won’t be on that page of results forever, but it’s a nice thrill.

You can download “Scott Pilgrim vs Dragonball” as a wallpaper appropriate size of 2560 x 1600. As an added bonus, it’s in authentic NES colors!

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