The November Tampa Drink and Draw Meet!


The November meeting for the Tampa Drink and Draw (several weekends ago at this point) was a really great time. Here are the stupid drawings I did that weekend.


My friend Brent asked for everybody to draw him, so I drew him stabbing Hitler with an American Flag. He also asked I drew Conan O’Brien as I Dream of Jeannie, with Andy Richter as the Major. This is directly from a photo promotion for the show, with Jeannie in the Major’s hand. I really like both likenesses, although this image could use some inking.

hipster fairy

The hipster fairy. When he shoots you with his bow, your shoes turn purple.


Sketchdump 3: Illustration Ideas


For a series of drawings/paintings called “Robot-Girl Army,” this is a ninja mermaid and a sharkbot. Going to be a lot of fun to paint this one up.


Some studies of Scott Pilgrim. I like my Stephen Stills, but I think my three Scotts need some work. I think the bottom right one is approaching the best. O’Malley’s style is pretty incompatable with my own. I’ll have to figure out how to properly pull it off.


I have had a crush on Samus Aran forever. I did this doodle inspired by Iron Man. I think it looks cool as hell, but I don’t know how I’m going to get a full illo out of it.


My stupid notes are visible on this one. This is Samus’s gun arm, as I drew it. It was supposed to be sitting on a table, having maintenance done to it. The SNES menu screen would have been hologrammed above the gun. I have no idea where I would fit that in, but I have to do that somewhere.


Found this character design for my D&D 4e barbarian. He’s a Warforged! I thought up the idea that he would have an axewound to the head, with grass growing through it (Warforged are made from stone, metal, and wood). The idea of a grass mohawk just made me smile. Then I got kicked out of the group for not wanting to talk about Sarah Palin at the table.

Sketchdump 2: Sexy Comic Character Design

stormi 1

Doing a script for a very dirty comic called Betty Binary. It’s sci-fi and very silly and I have fun whenever I work on it. This is one of the characters with the ridiculous name Stormi Jovian.


I don’t know why I have the motif of giving characters Archie comic-style names. I have a soft spot in my heart for Archie comics—but I do despise the cheesy books as well.

Sally witch1

A sexy witch character, the main character’s foil, for a sort of science versus magic theme. I know, I’m a very deep writer. Look at the boobs I’ve drawn.

Sally witch2

A second attempt at the witch character, this time making her look a little bit more alien. When I decided to go the more goth route, I changed her name from Sally Supernova to Sally Spookynova, which makes me laugh. I think the correct design is somewhere in between these two, or maybe something different all together.

Sketchdump 1: Sexy Girl Drawings

vegan girls
The sketch for my Hipster Vegan Waitress wallpaper, still available at my portfolio website. I like the cute little veggie icons at the bottom of the sketch.
dylan nude
I’m really pleased with the face on this girlie. I’ll probably try to replicate this sort of deer-in-the-headlights expression If I can manage.
big eyes tight panties
The funny thing about this drawing is you can see my sketch marks—“Bigger! Make the boobies bigger!” The shame.
goofy girl in borders
This was a portrait I drew of a girl in either Borders or Barnes and Noble. She wasn’t really topless, although that would give the bookstore a more party atmosphere.
topless smile
Face I found interesting. Love her nose and the lip-biting smile she had.
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