Homosassa Springs

What kind of nutball series of posts is this? Rants about open platforms, bitching about John McCain, drawings of naked girls--and now Manatees?

Went on a field trip today to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park to visit some of our very unlikely friends, the Florida Manatee. I really don't understand how these things are not extinct. Every one I've ever been around has next to no survival instict at all. And these were FAAAAT! The largest ones weigh upward of 3,000 lbs.

In all seriousness, I really love these animals. But I don't know that my grandchildren will even know what the hell they are.

Go to my flickr account to check out the whole set.

This manatee wanted to hang out and stare at these rocks. Good enough.

These guys were apparently pissed because the day before they didn't get their usual Romaine Lettuce since the grocery store was out or something. Fat jerks refused to eat it.

Awwww...look at him! He's got the cutey-ootiest little face. And a 3,000 lb body. That's 3x what a wild manatee weighs.
Sometime there are not words to describe the things we encounter.

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