Apple can bite it.

My post on the apple tech forums got removed. I was legitimately looking for a response, hoping that somebody could P2P a free tool for checking the hardware. The response from the forum was NO! You can't get free software for free. I got irate and left another post. After hours, the post was taken down. Here is the polite response I got from Apple, followed by my post.
Dear Eric,

Thank you for your enthusiasm and desire to help Apple
make our products even better.
We appreciate your comments
and encourage you to share them with Apple on our feedback page:


As part of submitting feedback, please read the Unsolicited
Idea Submission Policy linked to the feedback page.

Apple Discussions is designed as a user-to-user support
platform to address technical questions. To keep this focus
we have remove your post "Re: Can you torrent the Apple
Hardware test?", which is copied below.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind Regards,

Apple Discussions Staff


A copy of your message for reference:

Well, Apple can bite it. They really should provide that for
download somehow. I don't think that's even a little unreasonable.
For the premium you pay for their hardware, they really should
give a little more.

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