Doctor Who Poster Project

I suppose every geek needs his geek projects… I discovered an amazing cache of Doctor Who novels at a local used bookstore and I was amazed at how great the cover illustrations were.
Doctor Who Novels
These were the best of the best. My girlfriend and I sat in the floor for nearly a half hour debating which nine we wanted to keep and these where the final set. After a matting, framing and some general TLC, this should be a really cool addition to my nerd Decor.


I want to be LoopyDave when I grow up

Impressive rendering and drawing that is exaggerated and alive—LoopyDave is maybe my favorite new artist.
Great caricature combined with a nice hand of media. I can’t tell if this is watercolor on pencil or digital painting on pencil. Whichever it is, I love the effect.
There’s an impressive mastery of drawing media and digital painting in his work, and his facial expressions and wacky cartoon sensibility really hit the mark for me.
Naturally, I don’t really get tired of looking at cartoony paintings of women.
But, it’s not the only thing worth looking at. Look at the rendering going into that gun! It looks perfectly dimensional and incredibly believable. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of his work. And now I’m off to download his entire gallery.
LoopyDave via DeviantArt


Tampa Bay Area Drink and Draw Social Club

Inspired by the Image Comics book Drink and Draw Social Club, I have taken it upon myself to try and start a chapter in the Tampa Area. All cool Tampa People are encouraged join the Facebook Group and discuss where and when drinking and drawing are most likely to mix.
Contact me here if you have questions or leave your comments on the Facebook Group wall. Kanpai!


Ben Camberos: Awesome Mexican Cartoonist

Why are Latin Artists always so great? Ben is an artist from Mexico with a lot of style and nice sense of color and design. I dig this.
Apparently the only way I’m going to ever improve as an artist is if I learn Spanish. It makes you superhumanly cool or something.
Ben Camberos via Dumm Comics


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