Doctor Who Poster-Research

When turning a set of Dr. Who novels into a framed poster, I’m afraid I would be doing the good Doctor a disservice if I didn’t do all my planning in the most unnecessarily complicated way possible.


I started by writing formulas in OO Calc to help me figure out what size frame to buy and how to build my matting. Calc helped because not only will the formulas figure out the sizes with my formulas, it also helps because I’m fairly visually oriented. When I was satisfied with my result, I drew the matte in illustator.

I’m embarrassed how long I messed around with the Spreadsheet formulas. I also wish I had a better understanding of Linear Programming, because this would have been a perfect opportunity to use the Solver in OpenOffice.


From there, chopped up the picutre I took in Photoshop and put it into the digital matte to get an idea what I was going to get in the end. This looks really good, although I might should add an extra inch on either side, because the frames I’m looking into cut in an extra 5/8 of an inch and won’t look exactly like this.

Regardless, I have a good roadmap for what I want to do and I’m pretty excited about it.

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