Sketchdump 1: Sexy Girl Drawings

vegan girls
The sketch for my Hipster Vegan Waitress wallpaper, still available at my portfolio website. I like the cute little veggie icons at the bottom of the sketch.
dylan nude
I’m really pleased with the face on this girlie. I’ll probably try to replicate this sort of deer-in-the-headlights expression If I can manage.
big eyes tight panties
The funny thing about this drawing is you can see my sketch marks—“Bigger! Make the boobies bigger!” The shame.
goofy girl in borders
This was a portrait I drew of a girl in either Borders or Barnes and Noble. She wasn’t really topless, although that would give the bookstore a more party atmosphere.
topless smile
Face I found interesting. Love her nose and the lip-biting smile she had.

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