Sketchdump 3: Illustration Ideas


For a series of drawings/paintings called “Robot-Girl Army,” this is a ninja mermaid and a sharkbot. Going to be a lot of fun to paint this one up.


Some studies of Scott Pilgrim. I like my Stephen Stills, but I think my three Scotts need some work. I think the bottom right one is approaching the best. O’Malley’s style is pretty incompatable with my own. I’ll have to figure out how to properly pull it off.


I have had a crush on Samus Aran forever. I did this doodle inspired by Iron Man. I think it looks cool as hell, but I don’t know how I’m going to get a full illo out of it.


My stupid notes are visible on this one. This is Samus’s gun arm, as I drew it. It was supposed to be sitting on a table, having maintenance done to it. The SNES menu screen would have been hologrammed above the gun. I have no idea where I would fit that in, but I have to do that somewhere.


Found this character design for my D&D 4e barbarian. He’s a Warforged! I thought up the idea that he would have an axewound to the head, with grass growing through it (Warforged are made from stone, metal, and wood). The idea of a grass mohawk just made me smile. Then I got kicked out of the group for not wanting to talk about Sarah Palin at the table.

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